manon & pat

author’s note:  I take NO credit for the amazing pictures.  Thank you Manon & Pat for sharing them with me. 

Don’t they look happy?  And don’t you think that the cake they’re cutting is adorable?!

Guess what?  Emily and I did that!  AWESOME!

My adventures with Manon & Pat started in July.  Manon emailed me (thank you Joelle for the promotion) and asked if we could meet to discuss her wedding cake.  I immediately asked her what her favourite cake flavour was, and if she was allergic to nuts.

Response: carrot cake and heck no!  

AWESOME!  I decided to bake my carrot cake for them.

The taste test went well – I gave them three pretty substantial pieces – they shared one and were really pleased with what they tasted (I later discovered the other two pieces didn’t last much longer).  We discussed the other component of the order:

cupcakes – flavours, look, cupcake liners, etc.

cake – size, shape, colour scheme, the overall “look”

I left feeling really excited to work with them (side note: Manon & Pat are ADORABLE together… seriously – trop cute).

The colour scheme for the wedding was black and white – and I offered to help Manon find black & white cupcake liners. 

Guess where I found them?  San Francisco!  Yep.  Among my return purchases were these little goodies.  They served us well.

I wanted to do a little test to ensure that Manon & Pat liked the way the liners looked when encasing a chocolate cupcake (the white basically becomes transparent… I wanted to ensure it was a look they liked).  I figured since I was going to show them the cupcake, I might as well make them another cake to sample.

This one was my apple-spice cake

Again.  Super successful.  Manon & Pat just looked at me and said they liked both.  A lot.  Easy compromise – carrot cake for the lower tier, apple-spice cake for the upper tier.  DONE!

Once my part was done it was time for Emily to take Manon’s requests and turn them into a reality.  I was gobsmacked when I saw the cake up close.  It was BRILLIANT. 

We both loved how the upper tier is 3 layers of cake rather than the standard two.  We loved how clean the black ribbon looked when placed on the fondant. 

And then we waited to see how the bride and groom would react.

Manon emailed me two days after the wedding:

Hi Lynne, The cake and cupcakes were amazing!  It looked absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for everything!

I’m really proud of what we did.  And I’m super thrilled that Manon & Pat loved it … that’s really all that matters.

Thank you both of including us in your special day.  Congratulations!

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