oz does oz

Monday night was Oz night!  A-MAZ-ING.  Seriously.

Rather than hosting another chef – it was a team Oz presentation. 

Before I begin I should apologize.  I only have pictures of the dessert.  I know… I know.  I’m disappointed too.

So bear with me and use your imagination when I describe the rest of my meal.  Because it was DE-LISH.  For reals.

Jamie and company served up the perfect meal for a cold, dreary, November night.  Full of love and warmth … and meat.  There was lots of meat.  Oh yum.

Pickle Soup.  Yep that’s right.  Chalk full of pickles, pork, potatoes, with a generous dollop of sour cream and dill.  AMAZING.  The pork was so tender – it literally melted in your mouth.  I don’t think I was the only one who raised the bowl to my lips in order to enjoy every last drop. 

Don’t worry… we just got started.

O’Brien BeefHoly heck batman it was the best thing I ate.  Thinly sliced beef, beautifully rare (that lovely shade of red), sitting atop an anchovy / garlic mayo, topped with bacon breadcrumbs, fresh parsley and a drizzle of yuzu.  I kept turning to Arctic Andrew and telling him I could eat plates and plates of this.  This one got two very enthusiastic thumbs-up.  If I had ten thumbs, all of them would be up.  WAY up.

Roasted Japanese eggplant.  From pork to beef to lamb.  All of us at the table (Chloé, Merrill, and Arctic Andrew) kept saying that this dish reminded us of a cross between a Greek moussaka and Genji’s nasu dengaku (Asian eggplant with dengaku sauce) – only with a kick.  A delicious kick.  The eggplant was stuffed with spicy smoked lamb necks, topped with goat yoghurt, fish sauce and mint.  This was everyone else’s favourite dish (I really loved the rare  beef … but this was sooooo good too!). 

And finally.  The dessert.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Who doesn’t want a piece of this?

Sweet Potato Bread Pudding.

Sigh.  I practically licked my plate.  In a restaurant.  Among strangers.  I have no shame.

It was a cloud of fluffy sweet potato goodness.  Accompanied by smoked maple and bacon fat (see… meat is EVERYWHERE!), apples, gelato and then some whipped cream to cut the sweetness.

It was the perfect dessert.

I think it’s probably one of the best desserts I’ve had yet.  Sweet without being too sweet.  It rounded out the perfect comfort meal. 

I would happily (and eagerly) enjoy this entire meal again.  And then I would remember to take some pictures too.


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