edgar 5.0

Edgar.  I love that place.

Why?  Well …

I love that I got to make brioche batter.

I love that I got to make banana dulce de leche cream tarts.

I love that I was asked to whip up a meringue for Marysol’s lemon tarts.

And then I got to use a blow torch.  I love that a lot.

I love that I got to make sandwiches.  The bread is fresh and beautiful (this particular olive bread smelled so good…), and then layering the spicy mayo with ripe avocado, roasted tomatoes, creamy goat cheese, and crunchy red peppers.  Sigh.  The panini looked good before getting grilled.  Once grilled … it was ridiculously delicious.  A mouthful of goodness.

I love that Marysol and I both got to sit down and eat our paninis.  Together.  That was our first meal together.

I love that Kim, Kaitlin, Eva,  Francis, the owners of Zest and their (adorable) daughter Lily, and Rachelle all came in and partook in the soups, paninis, brioche, monté cristos, and banana dulce de leche cream tarts … and a smoothie :0)

I love that Edgar is now the proud home to a dishwasher.  It’s a beautiful thing.  My hands thank you.

I love that I learned how to make good foam.  My latte was pretty impressive.

I love that I spent my Saturday laughing with friends and baking cookies.  How awesome is that?!

Oh yeah… and I love helping Marysol and Simon out.  They are pretty darn amazing.  Marysol’s laugh brings a smile to my face, and Simon’s thoughtfulness (he knows how I take my latte – and prepares it perfectly – every single time PLUS he fixed my laptop!) warms my heart.

They are awesome.

So is Edgar.  It’s the perfect extension of them.

Those are this week’s reasons to love Edgar.  I’m sure I’ll have another gaggle of reasons next week.  Stay tuned.  Or stop on by and join in the fun.

5 thoughts on “edgar 5.0

  1. I had one of the banana-dulce de leche tarts — delish! Managed to catch a lull, which created the opportunity to meet you! Love reading your blog and your adventures in your kitchen, at Edgar and elsewhere!

  2. We at foodiePrints are rather in love with Marysol and Chez Edgar. I think my colleagues are rather smitten as well 🙂

    One thing I dislike rather much is that I never get the opportunity to drop by when you’re in Chez Egar’s kitchen!

    Will try to remedy that this coming weekend 🙂

  3. I love edgar for all those reasons. But, honestly, I love the passion that Marysol and her team (you included!) bring to the food, that make it so delectable. Sigh. Wednesday can’t come soon enough for me to get my ‘fix’.

    My husband said it best. I have an Edgar addiction.

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