edgar 6.0

I was recently reminded that I obviously really love Edgar … since I’m already on blog entry 6.0

I do.

I’ve  fallen for its quiet charm.  Its chill atmosphere.  I’ve fallen for Mayrsol and Simon.  Everything they make is made with kindness and love.  The soups, the tarts, the edgar bars, the paninis, the frittatas, the waffles, the breakfast wraps, the brioches, the scones, the muffins, the cookies, the smoothies, the latte’s, the cappuccinos, the soups.  Everything.  Loved.

I know I’m not the only one who notices it. 

I’m also not the only regular who comes in.  I just think I’m the luckiest regular to come in.  Because I’ve been welcomed into the back kitchen, have been trusted with adding my own love to the mix. 

Pretty amazing right?

Especially … since Marysol and I didn’t really know one another before the birth of Edgar.  True story.  We started to follow each other’s blogs, left little comments, oohed and awed over recipes and pictures.  Basically I had a crush on she eats bears.  Then we progressed to emails.  Quick little back and forth’s.  My asking about how Edgar was coming along.  Marysol filling me in.  Amazing.  And finally … we met. 

Marysol invited me to Edgar the week before it opened it doors.  I immediately feel under its spell.  And then under Marysol’s.  Have you heard her giggle?  It makes me smile.  Have you tasted her baked goods?  We both baked for one another … I a pumpkin loaf (she sheepishly told me she’s not a fan of pumpkin … but later said she loved my loaf), and she her pecan raisin apple muffin.  You know the one.  From the restaurant.  It’s awesome. 

And that is how we became friends. 

The rest is history.  I hang out with Marysol and Simon on Saturdays – they fill my stomach with the best latte in town (seriously.  If you love coffee – get Simon to make you a latte.  AMAZING), with tasty paninis and  delicate soups.  I’m never hungry when I leave Edgar … and usually I bring home enough soup to last the rest of the week.  It’s always a happy week.

This past weekend was much of the same … except that I could only stay for half the day.  Sigh.  Boo.  But you make the most from what you have … and so, I made the best sandwiches I could.  I turned out the best sugar cookie batter and logs I’ve even made (they were perfect logs… seriously a thing of beauty to my eyes), and I got the best surprise.  For reals.  I think I cursed when I got it.  Again.  For reals.

First the sandwiches.

My prep list included 4 different ones.  Yep.  I get my own prep list.  LOVES IT! 

avocado – spicy roasted tomato mayo generously smeared on both pieces of bread, filled with slices of avocado, havarti cheese, and crispy red pepper.  Sigh.  J’adore.

smoked salmon – with  a yogurt dill spread, red onions, a large smear of  cream cheese. 

prosciutto pear – an onion, prosciutto and pear mixture – all cooked up and piled on the bread with a good (ok, excessive) crumble of blue cheese.  Oh my.

edgar blt (kinda sorta) guac to begin, a large scoop of roasted chicken (in mayo, with roasted tomatoes), a piece of crispy bacon and then slices of cheddar cheese.  Oh my.  Decadent.  OUI!

If you came in – you might have noticed that I did a little dance when I finished making the edgar blt.  How could I not dance?  Bacon.  Avocado.  Chicken.  Roasted tomatoes.  Cheddar cheese.  All together in amazingly fresh bread.  Dance worthy.  Totally.

After that I found my gift. 

Marysol and Simon gave me a christmas present.  (1)  How awesome is that?  and (2) It was an 11 lb bar of chocolate.  Actually … I think at that weight it becomes a slab.  A wonderful, beautiful, HEAVY slab of chocolate.  And all for me.  I cursed.  I couldn’t help it.  It was too exciting.  The chocolate weighs more than a baby.  Well … a new-born (I hope!)

And so to go back to that initial observation  – that I obviously really love edgar … yes.  Yes I do.  And as long as all of you want to keep hearing about my Saturday adventures, I’ll keep writing about them. 

Now get your butts into Edgar and feel the love.  It’s there.  Big time.

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