wordless wednesdays: celebrity chef event

The menus are in.  There is less than one week to go.  I get to hang out with Marc today. 

I am flippen’ EXCITED.

(fyi – I don’t know why my chefs have the smallest sized pictures … but expect big things from them)


oyster / honey flavour roasted foie gras terrine / marrow bones & chardonnay vinaigrette / bacon foam

transverse Nova Scotia sea bass crispy seared / citrus cured cool fennel & citrus salad / warm gold beet puree & hay brown butter / dulse and beetroot coulis / applewood smoked mussel bridge

shiitake poached pickerel / beurre noissette / dressed grains & greens / crispy crème fraiche oyster

sweet grass cold smoked Charlevoix veal / crisp potato gridle / Clarmell on the Rideau feta & sage infused retention firecracker spotted prawn crisp / Cloud Horse mead-lychee sting

poached Atlantic lobster / bridge sparkling wine beurre blanc / Le Coprin mushrooms / sweetbreads with candied fennel corn flan, watercress sprouts / black olive purée

drunken squab & Newfie screech / tatin of sunchokes / foie gras crepinette

beet risotto / crispy pig cheek / seared Qualicum beach scallop / granny smith slaw

north country bison hash / Québec goat cheese & cauliflower ravioli preserved lemon & rendered bacon hollandaise / ancho chili plum gastrique

 Is your mouth-watering yet?

Have you got your ticket?

Do. It. Today.

click here.


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