edgar 7.0 & 8.0

You’re about to get two weeks of Edgar in one post. 

Last week was just the kind of week that got away from me … so no Edgar post for me.  But let’s go back several weeks (heck – almost 6 weeks now)…

I’ll let you in on a little secret … I went away on vacation.  Yep.  One entire month of adventure … one entire month of trying new food … one entire month of not baking.  I started to feel the itch at week 3 (not bad).  Then, a few days before the end of my trip I got this email:

are you home yet? xx

That was from Marysol.  That was the moment I got home sick for my Saturday’s at Edgar.  I was anxious to go in and talk to Marysol and Simon and tell them all about my vacation – to give them their gifts, and to get my hands busy doing whatever Marysol needed me to do.

I would have to wait another week before being able to do any of that.

So Saturday January 22nd I made my way to Edgar bright and early.  I was excited.  I would see my friends for the first time in 5 weeks. 

The first thing you should know – is that a one month break makes me a little slow.  The result:  my sandwich making wasn’t as time efficient as it had gotten.  And I realized how much I missed Marysol and Simon because I didn’t stop talking: I would pull out my iphone and show them pictures.  And I couldn’t get enough of Simon latte’s … oh bliss (I hadn’t had a decent coffee during my vacation … major sigh)

It was the perfect day … a little slow to start and then, BAM – the people came in.  The rush was on and it was like old times.  I fell back in love with this little café and its quiet charm.

First thing I saw … was the new brunch option.  Oeufs cocotte.  Oh my.  I heart a good poached egg – and when you plop a couple of eggs on top of spinach and bacon, and then top them with a goat cheese, roasted tomato, bacon mixture … brilliant.  The dish is paired with a lightly dressed rocket salad and … roasted potatoes.  The potatoes are roasted in … bacon fat.  Yep.  Lots of delicious bacon fat.  It smells pretty amazing … and tastes even better. 

That is a ramkin of happiness.

Then I was introduced to Edgar’s newest baked good – the mini almond cakes.  Marysol was busy piping some thick and creamy chocolate buttercream on top of the regular and mini-sized treats.

My mouth started to water.

By the time people started coming in, Edgar’s front display counter was full of baked goods and paninis.

First week back – awesome.

Then last Saturday was my second week back.  EVEN BETTER.

1.  I got to make the BEST panini sandwich option EVER. 

spicy mayo, avocado, bacon, havarti cheese, roasted tomatoes … and more spicy mayo.

Oh heck yay!  That is one solid sandwich.

Then… some of my friends came by for lunch!  Whoot whoot!

I was able to convince Michael to have the amazing panini above (he told me I had him at avocado and bacon) – and Erin left with a container full of baked goodies: a bacon date brioche, 2 edgar bars, and 2 brownies.  Chocolate orange brownies.  Die and go to heaven brownies.  No lies.

I’m so happy to be back.  Going to Edgar makes me smile.

Will I see you there next weekend?  You know you want too … :0)

5 thoughts on “edgar 7.0 & 8.0

  1. Lynne – thank you again for such a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Edgar – a great reward after a hard spin class! Tonight is Edgar’s Shepard’s Pie! CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

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  3. Ah…. so you were the brains behind that awesome sandwich I had last Saturday. I talked and talked about it, even oven baked grape tomatoes the next morning to recreate the feeling. Kudos.

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