(nearly) wordless wednesday: edgar’s ice cream

This… this is my idea of bliss.  As in divine.  As in…  angels crying on my tongue good.  As in … worthy of biking against incredible winds to get too.

This is Marysol’s latest treasure @ Edgar.  Her homemade lemon gelato smooshed between two honey-lemon cookies.


Heck Y-E-S!

the perfect after bike ride treat :0)


3 thoughts on “(nearly) wordless wednesday: edgar’s ice cream

  1. This look like the delicious whoopie pies I’m seeing all over my US blogging friend’s blogs. I’ve still never had one and from the looks of what I’ve seen and what I’m seeing right now…I really think I’m missing out.

  2. Oh these lovely ice cream sandwiches are nothing like whoopie pies, essentially muffin top sandwiches. Le Cafe served a carrot cake whoopie pie last fall.

    Marysol’s are decadent yet simple confections that pair lemon with lemon. Eaten a minute or two after it is pulled from the freezer with the gelato melting over your fingers as your teeth sink into cookie and bits of lemon zest and your tongue tastes sweet mingled with luscious tart…

    It is a religious experience for a lemon dessert lover…

  3. The boyfriend and I indulged in ice cream Ar Edgar after our soccer game at UQO and it was such a treat!! I hope that it becomes a post soccer routine.

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