wordless wednesday: brookstreet @ oz

Ok… so this is supposed to be wordless.  It won’t be completely wordless.

The last Monday in June was Oz Kafe’s Industry night.  This time the chef in residence was Kyle Christofferson (formerly of Luxe Bistro, and now at Brookstreet)

I only have this to say….

Kyle Christofferson – your charcuterie plate was brilliant.  Just amazing.  All that duck.  Holy mother of pearl.  DEE-LISH.  Crispy duck skin… sigh.  Actually… the duck rillette is worthy of a million signs. 

jenna from little red kitsch’n was also taking pictures while dinning…

Next came the raw bar: oysters, tuna and lox.  The oysters were served ice cold.  Perfect.  Tuna tartare with chopped coriander.  I think I only ever want to eat it that way from now on.  The flavours were so spot on. And the lox was served simply and classically.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that ;0) 

Third course… barbe-à-que … rootbeer ribs, tournedos, pork belly, coleslaw and broccoli… and cheetos on top of scalloped potatoes.  For realz.  Kyle added some cheetos to the plate.  I messed up the pictures… plus, somehow, I just couldn’t make it look good. 

The highlight of that dish was by far the pork belly.  Mother of pearl that was some delicious, fatty, heavenly pork belly.  And obviously…I don’t have a picture of it.  But believe you me… that pork belly rocked

The meal ended with dessert, hot chocolate (lave cake, vanilla dolce de leche ice cream and strawberries).  My pictures just didn’t turn out… and in my humble opinion, it was the least successful of the 4 courses, but still good.  Just not charcuterie good.  That… that was just plain ol’ awesome.

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