brunch @ mariposa farm

mariposa farm oh how I heart thee.

And Anna March too.

Who could resist a place that looks like this? (seriously, you drive up a tree-lined drive-way).

I ended up at mariposa today since it’s pretty much a halfway point from Ottawa to Hudson, Québec.  And since I wanted to meet up with my mom and sister for brunch … but didn’t want to spend more time in my car … we decided on mariposa as our destination.

Brilliant idea.  Seriously.  Why I’ve waited so long to get out there … I don’t know!  But I’m already planning my next trip (on Friday actually .. to bake some bread with Anna).

Although mariposa is a duck farm, the menu goes beyond that … today we were offered duck, chicken, venison.  Seasonal vegetables and fruits (corn, peaches, black currents, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, etc) … home-baked bread (Anna makes 3 different types, we had her rosemary bread … mother of pearl so good … I brought some home with me).

All of us had our own highlights.  Mine was the heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and pesto.  Mother of pearl … that pesto was ridiculous, and well … goat cheese always makes me happy (ask anyone at Edgar) … and it’s tomato season.  Need I say more???

My sister’s highlight was her duck confit leg.  I tried it.  Seriously the best duck I have ever eaten.  And I’ve eaten my share of duck (remember my trip to France two years ago … I ate duck just about every day for 10 days…).

My mother loved her fois gras starter … but her favourite was the dessert – a peach and black currant fool.  I had it too.  Trop bon.

Not that I’m knocking any of the other dishes.  I cleaned my plates.  Each and everyone one.

It was … brilliant.  Anna rocks it out in that kitchen – cooking great food, plating beautifully and (in my opinion anyway) having fun.

And who wouldn’t have fun there?  I mean … there are ducks … and pigs …  and horses …  and hay …  lots of stacks of hay … and sunflowers that reach up to the sky.

Plus I got to enjoy my sister and mom’s company.

mariposa is a little slice of wonderful.

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