i need YOUR help!


This is my bike.

I call it flash.  Cuz it’s gold (not yellow … GOLD) … and we can go fast.

It’s awesome.

But let’s get back to the reason for this blog.

 Last night I met some friends for a drink … and by the end of the evening they had me agreeing to biking 100 km (Ottawa to Merrickville) and raising $1,500 to fund cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital.

Good cause?  Yep!

Great activity?  Heck yeah! 

The only thing is … it’s on September 10th.  As in … 10 days.  I have 10 days to raise $1,500.

Mother of Pearl!

That’s where you come in.  This is my call to arms.  My request for support.  I’m asking everyone I know to help me raise the money.  And yes … that means I’m coming to my blog.

This is the deal.  Any amount helps.  Seriously – I would be thrilled with any donations. 

However … if you donate 50$ (or more) – I’ll bake you a cake.  Or a pie.  Or cupcakes.  Or cookies.  Or brownies.  Quite frankly – if you donate, I will bake you just about anything you want.  Except a macaroon tower.  I won’t be making one of those :0)

So click here and let’s get this fundraising started (please and thank you).

Oh – and if the donation requires being mailed/shipped (Elina … I’m talking to you) … we’ll sort that out.  I’m serious about this. 

I hope you can lend a hand.

4 thoughts on “i need YOUR help!

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