thank you thank you thank you

Have I ever told you how AWESOME you all are???

Well … YOU ARE!

Thanks to all of you – I was able to raise $1825 for Ride the Rideau and cancer reasearch at the  Ottawa Hospital.

I have to admit – it was a spectacular day – the weather was perfect – Flash and  I just flew (ok … peddled) from Ottawa to Merrickville – 103 km in 3 hours 29 minutes. 


And I have all of you to thank for it.

Within a few days of posting my blog I had raised the minimum donation … and the money just kept coming. 

That means I’ve been baking.  Because that was the deal.  You help me out and I bake for you.  Slowly but surely I’m getting it all done (thank you all for your patience). 

And am I ever having fun with this little project :0)Hello Kitty cake to the extreme … the request was a strawberry shortcake, and then I was informed that the dessert lover in question (Jenn from @foodieprints) not only loves strawberries, but also hello kitty.  This cake was born of that … strawberry vanilla cakes, a strawberry whipped cream filling …I LOVE THIS CAKE!!!!!  Seriously.  If anyone wants a hello kitty cake … email me.  Or call me.  I could make this cake any day.  My next goal is to bake a pumpkin cake and cover it in chocolate frosting with a blue bow :0)

Then there was the baby shower cake (super-duper donation).  A chocolate tier, topped with a vanilla tier – all covered in cream cheese vanilla frosting.  Emily was kind enough to do the decorating … an adorable little owl.  Then there was the spiced zucchini – chocolate chip bundt cake.  It’s moist and delicious – and this time I topped it with a cinnamon sour cream frosting.  Lots of butter … lots of cinnamon … so creamy and thick.  LOVELY. The requests haven’t just been for cakes.  I’ve been baking cupcakes (there is a cupcake addict who donated) … and will have some brownies to deliver this weekend, as well as cookies to mail off (espresso  – double chocolate cookies for Ms. Nicole & Mr. Eric).   So again … I thank you.  My team was able to raise $39,408 … all for a great cause.  I already have a game plan for next year’s ride … stay tuned :0)

And … finally  – there are a couple of people who donated whom I don’t know how to get a hold of.  Please send me an email – or leave me a comment – I would like to fulfil my promise and bake for you. 


3 thoughts on “thank you thank you thank you

  1. Outstanding results with your fund-raising and your Hello Kitty is going to thrill Jenn to no end. Great job on all your baking….you are one crazy busy lady!

  2. Hi there, I was looking for some hello kitty cake ideas and I found your blog!
    I was just wondering if you would accept orders… I’m also in Ottawa.

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