the baking elf

I’ve been asked a few times from friends … and friends of friends … if I do any holiday baking … for others (as in … is my baking available for purchase).

The answer is … I SURE DO!

My goal for the month of December is to bake every night.  If you’d like to help me achieve that goal … send me a little ol’ email (or if we are friends and you have my personal cell number – send me a text).  I’d be more than happy to help bring you a little holiday cheer.

Below you’ll find a few lists of what’s on offer.  But if there is something else that caught your fancy while checking out my blog … let me know.  I’d be more than happy, and open, to discuss.  Just try and keep it pretty seasonal :0)

You can reach me at

Easy eh?  And think of all the time you’ll save by having me do all your baking for you!  You can think of me as your little kitchen elf :0)

*Back by very popular demand … SCONES!  As always, I am more than happy to provide baked scones or unbaked ones (baking instructions provided); allowing you the option to bake “home-made” scones on Christmas morning :0)

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