wordless wednesday :my thomas hass experience

Have you heard of Thomas Haas?

He makes some pretty great truffles – especially his lemon thyme chocolate and his raspberry chocolate.

I know because I tried 18 different types.  In less than 30 minutes.

Actually 17 different types (we had double of the earl grey chocolate truffle to taste).

My Thomas Haas experience actually took place in a food court.  Can’t you just picture  Justin Rogers and I sitting in a food court, I have my camera and Justin has plates, napkins and a knife?  People must have thought we were nuts … my snapping away at each chocolate … Justin cutting each one in half, taking pictures on his iphone … and then we would both dig in.  Some we LOVED and some were so-so (I have to honestly say that Justin makes better cassis and passionfruit truffles). 

Needless to say … even though Justin and I didn’t make chocolate or bake together that afternoon … we still had a sweet time together … I mean … just look at them! 

ps.  Valentine’s day is almost around the corner … I think you should all start thinking about having a Justin Roger’s experience … well you can skip the food court taste test … but you can certainly get some of his equally beautiful and delicious truffles and share them with people you love  … just sayin’


5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday :my thomas hass experience

  1. Lynne, next time you are in Vancouver come visit us and we will take you to meet Thomas and his lovely wife. Two extremely nice people. That is if you have not already meet him.
    Their tiny little shop in North Vancouver is always jam packed. Even if you get a parking ticket from parking in a non-ThomasHaas stall (can you tell I’m taking from experience) you can’t help but smile from your yummy purchase whatever it is from chocolate to yummy pastries/sandwiches to wonderful coffees.

    • Shelley – I will take you up on that offer! I haven’t met or been to Thomas Haas in Vancouver … my only experience was through Justin who used to work for him :0)
      I tried his stollen also … mother of pearl – one of the best things I have ever eaten. You MUST try the stollen … marzipan centre and sweet raisins. sigh. I fell in love.

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