pinterest … and cake decorating

I have joined the world of pinterest.

Yes … I know … yet another social network / media for me to follow (I guess it really isn’t surprsing that I wrote an entire master’s dissertation on the importance of social media) …

But the good news about this one … is that it’s helping me improve my cake decorating skills … immensely.

I see things like this ….

… and follow the instructions to do things … like this!

buttercream rosette topping

zebra marble cake (loves!)

… or this …

I love how the blue cake turned out … EXCEPT … as the whisk kid said in her blog … I should have beat the blue frosting on a low speed for 5 minutes to get all the air bubbles out … because after a little while, I could see some of the white crumb layers frosting underneath … :0(

I know I still have some work to do (yes Justin … my rosettes aren’t all perfect … yet) … but I’m so super stoked that I’m finally comfortable enough to try!

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