I have to admit … I LOVED this episode.  Not that I didn’t love recipes.  But made me giggle

(fyi – I don’t actually see a finished product until the show airs on Sunday nights at 8 pm … so I never know what to expect).

And it made me hungry.

It’s a little surreal to actually see how Platonic Jeff and I interact with one another …  mother of pearl … we are slightly hilarious.

His third date meal really was lovely … so whomever you are that gets to partake in Platonic Jeff’s cooking skills … I promise you … you will be well fed.  And well entertained ;0)

You should know (in case it wasn’t evident on the show), that Chloé, Joe and I had an absolute BLAST filming their segment.  They brought some great food (thai crab cakes … thai peanut sauce, PLUS stuffed dates), some bevies … and loads of energy and fun.

I heart being around them … I think that totally came across on the show.  But if you missed it … check out this extra added bonus video.

The stuffed dates are delish.  So was the thai peanut sauce.  Sigh.  Absolutely delightful.  And addictive.

It certainly wouldn’t be a show without the wonderful (and super talented) Steve Mitton of Murray Street KWC.  He walked me through the making of a great charcuterie board.  I know … it looked amazing … it was.  I ate everything on that board (well .. ok … I sampled everything on the board … I did share with the rest of the crew) … cheese, meats, condiments … everything that I heart in this world.  All thanks to Steve.  It was wonderful.

You should check out this other little clip of Steve and I having a ridiculously good time making “meat cones” …

In case you’re wondering … airs on Sunday evenings at 8 pm, with re-runs on Wednesdays at 8 am and 4:30 pm, and Saturdays at 1 pm on Rogers channel 22.  You should set your PVR … then sit down, relax, laugh, get hungry … and get inspired to try something new.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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  1. I enjoyed this clip a lot. I’m so disappointed Lynn. When I went to PVR your first episode and all future episodes I came to discover that I don’t get Rogers TV on my cable. Please, please, anytime you have clips of your show, post for all of us who can’t get it.

    • Paula – I’m doing my best to get in online! Also … if you wanted to let Rogers know … perhaps viewer pressure would get them to do something about it! Thanks for all your support!

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