Last night was all about pie.

Because you  

Whether you love a super sweet and richly decadent pie; or prefer a tart and light key lime pie … we were able to provide you with a recipe for both.

The show started with my 13 year old cousin Olivier and his tarte au sucre (sugar pie).  Mother of pearl.  Olivier makes one heck of a sugar pie.

The recipe is dead simple … some brown sugar, flour, corn starch, melted butter,vanilla, an egg and heavy cream.

It’s the kind of sugar pie that is sweet without being sickly so … and the creamy filling perfectly contrasts with the flakey pie crust.  If you love your sugar pie … I think you should try Olivier’s recipe.  It’s delightful ;0)

Plus I think it was super awesome of Olivier to come on the show and share his recipe with me.

Isn’t he A-DOR-A-BLE?  Totally adorable.  Je l’aime … beaucoup!

If sugar pie isn’t your thing … then I hope you caught Amanda’s key lime pie demo.  First off … Amanda not only decided to make a key lime pie … but in true twisted chef style, she decided to shake things up a bit …  by creating a creamsicle pie (orange and clementine custard filling).  Both were delicious … and totally worth trying.

If you watched the show you’ll notice that Amanda and I had a few (ok … perhaps more than just a few) silly moments … I laughed while I watched myself hurt my finger trying to create a graham cracker crumb.  Or when I confused a kinder surprise with a smashed orange (my aunt was howling with laughter at that one).

If you’re enjoying the show … don’t forget … BONUS VIDEOS!!! You can watch Amanda’s twist on making whipped cream here.  I am really digging these bonus videos.  A lot.

Don’t forget … you can tune in AGAIN on Wednesday at 8 am and 4:30 pm (or Saturday at 1 pm) and catch all over again on Roger’s TV channel 22 in Ottawa …

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