Sunday night’s episode of was all about cupcakes.

Sweet little pillows of goodness.  Made by Anna and Michelle.

And let me tell you … Those ladies can bake: their cupcakes are absolutely delightful!

The show started off with Anna.  Don’t you think she’s adorable?  Honestly, she’s as nice in person as she appeared on the show (check out this bonus clip).

I first met Anna at a “drinks thing” (if you can call her third wedding anniversary celebration a “drinks thing”?); and when I heard she made the best red velvet cupcakes EVER … I kinda totally knew she had to be on the show.

Thankfully she agreed.

She was a complete natural.  And her recipe was great!  I love the fact that Anna twisted a classic.  You should definitely give her red velvet recipe a try.  It was nice and velvety … and oh so very red :0)

If you watched the episode and heard my tip about making buttermilk … I meant to say that you can make it by adding 1 tbsp to 1 cup of milk not buttermilk (which is what I said… by accident.

Then there was Michelle.

I heart Michelle.  She and I met the day we filmed the episode.  It’s true!  I’ve been a fan of her cupcakes since cupcake camp Ottawa … and through the joys of social networking, we began following one anothers blogs and tweets.

Michelle … was a natural.  Honestly … she’s the kind of person that you just want to hang out with … and if you’re lucky … she’ll bake for you and you’ll get to sample her cupcakes.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Michelle makes some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tried.  Never too sweet, there is always a little surprise when you bite in.  You should also check out Michelle’s blog, baking in the burg … it’s great – I think it’ll leave you wanting to get into the kitchen and start baking … it certainly makes me feel that way!

If you missed the show on Sunday … no worries!  There will be reruns as per usual on Wednesday morning at 8 am and again at 4:30 pm and on Saturday at 1 pm.  All three times on RogersTV channel 22 … unfortunately only in Ottawa.

But remember to check out the website and the bonus clips … you’ll be able to tune into some of the fun!

Oh!  And don’t forget … submit your recipes!  You never know … I might just turn up at your place and put you on  Wouldn’t that just be the best????

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