my starbucks reward … galette

I heart my Starbucks peeps.

Seriously.  HEART THEM!

I work directly across the street from the Starbucks in the Clarica building.  Every morning at around 10 am, I dodge the on-coming cars to sprint across the street.

All in pursuit of my morning fix of a bold soy misto.

I’m always greeted with a smile … actually … I kinda feel like Norm (from Cheers) … everyone knows me name and they usually have my order going before I even get to the front of the line.

It’s pretty awesome.

I feel as though we have created a bond, so I try to treat them to baked goods when possible (those momofuku inspired scones ended up in their hands, they’ve been gifted brownies, etc).  I even gave them my first batch of gelato this year.

I figure that we’re pretty even.  I get caffeine they get sugar.

And then Cory made me this … 

The pastry wrapped around goat cheese and lemon curd, and then was topped with blackberries.

That’s right!

Cory baked me a goat cheese, lemon curd, blackberry galette.

It was simply …

Delightfully flavoursome.

The goat cheese cut through the tart lemon curd.  You’d think it would be almost too sharp … but it wasn’t.  Those blackberries just brought everything together.

And the pastry dough?

Mother of pearl.

Flakey and light … it came apart when I bit into it (no forks required here folks!) … and the coarse sugar sprinkled generously on top … LOVES.

I’ve decided that if we make more episodes of that Cory must, nay, NEEDS to be on the show.  If he can make this … I can’t wait to see what else he can bake (I keep hearing about his apple pie).

Plus … he makes a mean soy misto with perfect foam (most of the time).

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