guest blogging @ the urban element

Last January I was asked to guest blog about a mix & match dinner at the urban element.  Trish Larkin and Marc Lepine were collaborating on a pretty insane meal.

I loved it!

Which is why I’m so über thrilled to have been asked to DO IT AGAIN!

This time it was Trish Larkin (I’ve become her roadie) and Matt Carmichael.

Let’s just say … it was A-MAZ-ING.  Yep.  AMAZING.

If you check out the urban element blog you’ll get to read all about my meal.  But I decided I’d add a few more pictures onto my blog to continue sharing the experience …

You basically get to see what I ate.  It makes me hungry just looking at it again …  especially the strawberry – rhubarb *cheesecake* dessert.

Just in case you don’t check out my incredible guest blogging post on the urban element … I’ll let you in on what was plated (and devourered).

spotted prawns.

Larkin: crudo with yuzo and black better buttermilk (with avocado & cucumber).

Carmichael: prawns with fresh pasta (my favourite dish of the night).

albacore tuna.

Carmichael: sashimi with olive oil, coriander, cress, radish & maldon salt.

Larkin: nicoise with black olive *dirt*, haricot vert, tomato, soft boiled poached egg, potato crisp.


Larkin: shaved with lemon, olive oil, shallots, tomme des demoiselles (second favourite dish of the evening).

Carmichael: asparagus with morel sauce (madeira)


Larkin: seared striploin, mushrooms, bordelaise & herbed butter.

Carmichael: tartar with argon oil, red chili & black tomato (not pictured).


Larkin & Carmichael: cheesecake filling, graham cracker crumbs, rhubarb curd, diced rhubarb, strawberries, whipped cream.  sighs of happiness.  many many sighs of happiness.

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