twitch @ oz kafe

Last week was Oz Night.  Oz Kafe hosts the most wonderful night of the month … and mother of pearl … was this one GREAT!

Twitch (aka Michael Portigal – remember he was on an episode of and he’s the one with the beard in the picture) and his crew created 4 clever dishes … each one full of flavour and texture.  Some I loved more than others … which happens sometimes right?  I like to think it’s because two of the dishes blew my socks off (well I was probably wearing flip-flops … but you know what I mean).

The evening started with the mushu pork.

Oh my goodness gracious.

I’d just like to say … it was my absolute favourite.  A buckwheat tortilla shell topped with julienned cucumbers, diced watermelon, seaweed, and then finished off with thinly sliced pork tongue and a good dollop of hoisin sauce.

This is everything that is good in food.  A little salty.  A little sweet.  Crunchy and smooth.


The second dish was the cured mackerel.  Pan-fried mackerel was paired with a deconstructed kimchi (ever had fiddleheads in your kimchi???? I didn’t think so!), and a pillowy soft taro gnocchi.

The third dish was the wonderfully inventive black rice porridge.  I have to say … this was the dish that surprised me the most.  When I read it on the menu … chamomile, lamb, strawberries, mint, pistachio, and black rice … I kinda wondered … what they heck am I going to be eating???

It was … delicious.  All the components were good … but I did enjoy it best when I took a bite of EVERYTHING at once.  Yep.  A forkful of lamb, strawberries, mint, and black rice … absolutely delightful.

Such a nice surprise.

The meal was capped off with desert.  A twist on lemon meringue.

Twitch paired pascale’s semi-fredo with some salty lemon curd and a golden beet purée and a sesame crisp.  It was light and fresh.  I have to admit … I’m still not sure how I felt about the golden beet purée and semi-fredo combo … but that’s just me.  When I spoke to my friend Sarah – she thought it was brilliant and perfectly balanced.

Just looking at these pictures makes me wish I could grab some more of that mushu pork … Twitch … I really really really think you should start making those to-go.  They are DEE-LISH. A million sighs of happiness.