wordless wednesday: suyeon @ oz kafe


This entry won’t be completely wordless. After all … this is all about Monday night’s Oz Kafe dinner.

Chef Suyeon Myeong was the brains and talent behind the delicious Korean meal that I ate.

Talk about soul food.

It was the kind of meal that was perfectly suited to the dark and windy outdoors. A comforting mix of well-known standards (I guess well-known if you know Korean food) cooked to absolute perfection.

I will admit … I’m no expert on Korean food; but I do like it. And I didn’t just like this dinner … I loved it.

It was completely satisfying. Beginning with the pork bun (no picture of that … poor lighting resulted in no useable pictures). The actual bun was doughy and dense but packed full of the sweet pork filling … mother of pearl … it was hard to restrain myself from only eating one.

Having resisted a second pork bun, I was ready for the second course … chicken salad.


This isn’t your mother’s chicken salad chopped and mixed with a ton of mayo.

Oh heck no!


The chicken was perfectly cooked. And I mean perfectly. It was succulent … and tender … and moist. Placed on top of lightly dressed heirloom carrots and celery. The crunch of the vegetables versus the chicken … pure perfection. I definitely loved this dish.

A Korean meal wouldn’t be complete without bibimbap and kimchee. We got both in the third dish. bibimbap with kimchee stew.


I gotta say. I absolutely love bibimbap. To me … that is the definition of comfort … rice with sautéed veggies and some chili pepper paste (and normally topped with a fried egg). Heaven. It was served family style … so I really had to restrain myself from eating the entire bowl (I needed to leave some for my dining companion Mr. Foodie Prints to enjoy as well).  I would have happily not shared.  It was soooooooo good.


Time to try the kimchee stew.  I like kimchee. But I like the white kimchee. I (personally) found the stew really strong. But that was just me. Gabriella (another dinner guest) greedily ate her entire bowl … she was transported back to Korea in a single dish. And Don very happily ate our shared bowl … eating the soft tofu and veggies cooked in veal stock. It was the kind of dish that made me wish I loved kimchee more. But alas … I can’t love everything right?!

Dish number five. The hot & sweet pork.


Oh. My. Goodness.


The pork melted in my mouth. My chopsticks pushed right through the meat … with absolutely no resistance. And the sweet ginger sesame sauce that accompanied it. Sweet heaven.


I licked my bowl.

Seriously. I took my finger and ran it along the base of the bowl and gathered all the juices and then licked them off.

And I’m not ashamed to say it either. It was that good.

No meal is complete without a little dessert … and were we treated to one.

Q.D. Encore.



Light and tart. A little sweet because of a simple syrup. It hit all the right notes.  And it was beautiful … perfectly plated and dressed.  I LOVED IT. 

It was the perfect complement to the spice of the Korean mains.


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