eggnog eclair


ok … maybe you don’t really *love* eggnog. Maybe you like the *idea* of eggnog; a creamy smooth cold drink, spiked with a little (or a lot) of rum, and a good sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg. But even with all that going for it … eggnog just doesn’t really float your boat.

It’s ok. I get it. Actually … of course I get it! I too am like you! I love the idea of eggnog but would rather not partake in this traditional holiday drink (I feel the same about plum pudding … I love the idea of it … and our family tradition of having it with Christmas dinner … but really, I’d rather eat anything *but* a fruit filled cake flambéed in brandy).

Have no fear. I’ve got a solution. Just because you don’t want to drink a glass (or bowl) of something does not mean it can’t serve other purposes.

I decided to use it when making eclairs.


Mother of pearl. These eclairs are the best. Seriously. THE BEST.

Not overly sweet. The eggnong is subtle. The pastry cream is light. The choux pastry is airy, and topped with a beautiful chocolate glaze: which, when combined, makes the perfect (yes I’m saying PERFECT) eclair.

You can have it for breakfast. Or brunch. At tea time. As dessert. Or just because you love eclairs … you love good food … and you feel like taking advantage of this holiday season to eat lots of delicious treats.

Let me guess. Now that’s I’ve convinced you that you  *do* want to try baking with eggnog … you don’t think you can make eclairs at home.

You can.

I swear.

It’s not hard. It’s not complicated. Plus everyone will be super impressed with your baking skills when you show up with two dozen eggnog eclairs. That alone is a reason to try this recipe. Plus … I’m convinced that once you make these you will be able to adamantly state:

I decided to make my directions really visual for this recipe.  I hope you like it.

There are two things you need to know about making eclairs. 

1.  Plan ahead.  Make your eggnog pastry cream before you start on your choux pastry.

2.  Don’t open your oven when baking your choux pastry.  I know … you’ll want to check it out … but don’t.  Heat your oven.  Cook the pastry for 20 minutes at 400 F and then a further 20 minutes at 300 F.   Trust me.  Keep the oven door closed and you’ll make your life oh so much simpler!  

eggnog elcairs

eggnog pastry cream





Once the eggnog pastry cream is cooling … start on your pastry.

choux pastry / pâte à choux









That’s it.  Totally manageable.  Ridiculously impressive.  Brilliantly delicious.

Give this one a try … I promise you’ll be hooked.

event: songs for a winter’s night


I don’t know if you’re aware of this: but Ottawa has one spectacular Men & Boys Choir.

It’s true.

They are pretty incredible.  And I thought … why not share the love … fill your hearts with seasonal joy and happiness … and invite you all to tomorrow night’s concert.

(Don’t worry … you don’t need to be religious … this is all about the beauty of music).

In case you’re interested … they are also fundraising for their European tour (that’s right – they also get invited to sing in European Cathedrals).  They put together this beautiful CD.

If interested – send an email to – he will happily get back to you.  (ps. these also make pretty awesome holiday gifts).