that's me :o)

i love to bake. i love pies. i heart cake. anything with chocolate can pretty much rock my world. i couldn’t live without peanut butter. or lemons. i hope that you enjoy following me in my baking adventures – and i hope i inspire you to try some new recipes as well ;0) (welcome to my kitchen… and my world)

my favourite quote:  “My cookbook says if I don’t have 2 eggs, I can substitute with 3 egg yolks… I don’t think my cookbook understands my problems.”


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Twisted huh?

    I was blogging next to Platonic Jeff the weekend before last and he mentioned your blog which is fabulous. Really well done!
    He also seemed to feel we’d be sympatico on food and other fronts. I wasn’t really sure until I read your last post…The Black Keys are also one of my favs. I saw them at Kool Haus in Toronto on TUESDAY. Hilarious.
    Once I read that I had to email the shout out. Keep up the stunning work. You’ve got another follower 🙂


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