saturday’s post: cupcakes in LA

This entry isn’t mine.  It’s actually Abigail’s.  You remember Abigail right?  Maybe you’ve even read her book:  yep.  my friend is a published author… awesome eh?  She was part of my NYC cupcake crawl (the best crawl ever)… and while I was in San Francisco eating pork (and some cupcakes), Abigail was driving from L.A. to Portland, Oregon. 

abigail driving along the coast (photo by nat garnick)

While in L.A., Abigail decided to do her own little cupcake crawl.  The best part… because yes… even better than simply tasting the cupcakes… Abigail decided to do her own little write-up.  AND she even sent me pictures! (thank you Nat Garnick for taking the pictures and then sharing them with me)

Yummy Cupcakes

by Abigail Jones (with Abigail’s permission, I’ve include the cupcake descriptions… as per the website)

vanilla vanilla in pink, green, yellow, blue and purple

old school and vanilla rolled sprinkle

southern honey bbq and strawberry shortcake

There were so many intriguing cupcakes here.  I wanted to try the Old School, a nod to the hostess cupcake, and the Strawberry Shortcake, which was topped with a mountain of pretty white cream.  Had I been armed with my cupcake enthusiast friends, Frappalicious and KT, I might have ordered one of each (plus a Cupcake in a Jar and a Cupcake on a Stick!), but I only had so much room in my stomach, so I chose two classics: Vanilla/Vanilla and Red Velvet.


vanilla bean cupcake frosted with a pastel vanilla bean buttercream

“Cake was dry but not too dry, with a bite of corn bread.  It was a nice match for the sweet-but-not-too-sweet icing, which comes in a pale palette of pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple.  (I chose pink.)” 

Verdict: Tasty but skippable.
Red Velvet

traditional southern red velvet cupcake topped with a cream cheese frosting

“Who really cares what cake tastes like when you’re confronted with such lush, thick icing?   Lynne probably does, but for me, icing is everything — and the delicate swirl design and creamy cream cheese taste were a great combination.  And the cake….that was good, too.”


Verdict: Addicted.

thetwistedchef’s comment:  Check this out.  Now scroll down.  Stop when you get to the Cupcake Pie.  OMG.  I want that.  I don’t just want it.  I want to make it.  But not with chocolate.  With lemon.  A lemon meringue pie cupcake.  Yes… bliss.  And Abigail… I would totally have ordered Cupcake in a Jar with you… it looks disgustingly delicious.