I think at this point in our relationship we all know how I feel about lemons.

I love them.  I don’t just heart them … I.LOVE.LEMONS.  They make me happy.

Which is why … I very obviously could not do and not include an episode about lemons.

I found some other folks who love lemons … almost as much as I do.

Marysol.  You all know her.  And if you don’t actually know her … you know of her … or you know of Edgar … the greatest little café around … only to be joined by Odile … it’s equally stellar little sister.

I heart Marysol and her lemon beignets.

I actually believe that Marysol’s beignets are the stuff happiness is made from.  Totally, ridiculiously cheesey.  But oh so true.

Then there’s Michael. aka Twitch.  I called him Twitch during the filming of the show.  I couldn’t help it.

So I figured when I apporached Michael about being on the show that he would show me how to make his lemon poppyseed pancakes.  He did.

Plus he showed me how to make maple poached eggs.  Amazing? Heck YA!

We also have this bonus clip of him teaching me how he makes his grapefruit hollandaise sauce.  Equally amazing.  You’ll have noticed … I wasn’t whisking quite fast enough … it’s something I’m gonna have to work on me thinks…

Add to all of that some big boy bacon soaked in maple syrup … which is … (as said on the show) … “it’s like bacon went to heaven and was happy” … whatever that means!

This entire episode makes me happy.  I loved watching it.  I loved filming both segments.  I love love love lemons.  And Marysol and Michael too.

Remember to tune in to reruns on Wednesdays at 8 am and 4:30 pm, and on Saturdays at 1 pm.  RogersTV channel 22.

What can I say about this week’s episode ….

It was all about spice. was packing a punch … one that left me wanting a good Indian curry. And then a bowl of mulligatawny soup.

First off … Sarah Jamal is adorable. I mean … Just look at her? ADORABLE!

Secondly … She can make one heck of a curry dish … just look at it??? doesn’t it look delish!?

And lastly …. If you watch the show (or this clip) you’ll learn all about using spices.


She’s awesome …. and so is her spice board :0)

(ps… I’m going to be blogging about how amazing Sarah is. She made my birthday dinner into the most incredibly amazing Indian feast… which kinda (TOTALLY) blew everyones’ socks off … for realz).

After Sarah walked us through her twist on an Indian curry, y’all got to meet Vanessa :0)

I heart Vanessa.

I really selfishly wanted Vanessa on this show because … well I knew she’d have to make a couple batches of the soup … and that I would get to eat it :0)

Plus … her recipe is one that is really (and I mean really) easy to make. It’s the kind of recipe that you can’t intimidated by … and it’s so full of flavour that you’ll impress just anyone you serve it too.

No lies.

It’s awesome.


If you don’t believe me … Well maybe you want to watch the episode again and get a little inspired. 8 am tomorrow morning (that would be Wednesday) or again at 4:30 pm …. both times on Rogers channel 22.
I sure as heck can’t wait to watch it (and the ladies) again!

Bring on the spice!

Last night was all about pie.

Because you  

Whether you love a super sweet and richly decadent pie; or prefer a tart and light key lime pie … we were able to provide you with a recipe for both.

The show started with my 13 year old cousin Olivier and his tarte au sucre (sugar pie).  Mother of pearl.  Olivier makes one heck of a sugar pie.

The recipe is dead simple … some brown sugar, flour, corn starch, melted butter,vanilla, an egg and heavy cream.

It’s the kind of sugar pie that is sweet without being sickly so … and the creamy filling perfectly contrasts with the flakey pie crust.  If you love your sugar pie … I think you should try Olivier’s recipe.  It’s delightful ;0)

Plus I think it was super awesome of Olivier to come on the show and share his recipe with me.

Isn’t he A-DOR-A-BLE?  Totally adorable.  Je l’aime … beaucoup!

If sugar pie isn’t your thing … then I hope you caught Amanda’s key lime pie demo.  First off … Amanda not only decided to make a key lime pie … but in true twisted chef style, she decided to shake things up a bit …  by creating a creamsicle pie (orange and clementine custard filling).  Both were delicious … and totally worth trying.

If you watched the show you’ll notice that Amanda and I had a few (ok … perhaps more than just a few) silly moments … I laughed while I watched myself hurt my finger trying to create a graham cracker crumb.  Or when I confused a kinder surprise with a smashed orange (my aunt was howling with laughter at that one).

If you’re enjoying the show … don’t forget … BONUS VIDEOS!!! You can watch Amanda’s twist on making whipped cream here.  I am really digging these bonus videos.  A lot.

Don’t forget … you can tune in AGAIN on Wednesday at 8 am and 4:30 pm (or Saturday at 1 pm) and catch all over again on Roger’s TV channel 22 in Ottawa …