cakes cakes cakes!

Wedding cake update!   It’s pretty isn’t it?  And it’s lemonAll lemon.  Summer bliss!

tiered lemon cake

A couple of weeks ago Emily and I were asked to make another wedding cake – – the bride wanted simple: a 2 tiered cake: 12-inch rounds and 9-inch rounds; as well as a half a slab of cake.  All lemon.  Yeppers!  How lucky was I?!  I heart making lemon cake… and this time got to make it to my hearts desire ;0)

Except… that I kinda didn’t bake enough cakes.  Sigh.

You see… I was driving over to Emily’s place to deliver the undecorated cakes and realized… (and I quote, so pardon my language) “shit!  I didn’t bake enough for the slab cake!”

I’d baked two 9-inch rounds, two 12-inch rounds, and two 13-inch rectangles – which Emily was going to place side-by-side to create a half slab.  BUT I realized… I needed four 13-inch rectangles… so that they could be placed side-by-side and layered: therefore being thick enough.  Seeing the round cakes sitting on-top of each other made me realize that I was missing the necessary height.


I continued to Emily’s place and delivered what I had… promising to return the following morning with the remaining 2 cakes.  Back home I went, whipping up a batter (thankfully I had butter tempering on the counter) and baking the cakes.  Honestly… it took me longer to sit and wait for them to bake in the oven than it took for me to make the batters.  Silly mistake – – thankfully caught in time!

Once again – Emily knocked it out of the park!  The fondant is perfectly wrapped around the cake, the piping is simple and not over the top.  I love it!  And so did the bride.

close-up of the fondant and piping work

And then there was the half slab – the bride wanted it to be super simple: buttercream frosting and then Emily kept with the lemon theme of the cake by piping little yellow (and pink) buttercream dots all over.  Sweet eh?  I think so.  And it looks… yummy!

the half slab

Oh how I heart making cakes with Em! 

chocolate, vanilla and marble…

Check out the cake!!!


Pretty awesome eh? I think so.

Last week Emily and I each got our hands dirty… well, mine were full of butter and flour, and hers were covered in buttercream and fondant.  But I think you know what I mean :0)

Let’s get back to that cake though.  We had been asked to bake a wedding cake for one of Emily’s co-workers.  She requested a 3-tiered, square cake with assorted flavours: vanilla, marble and chocolate.

I haven’t actually made a vanilla cake in quite some time… so I pulled out a recipe I had used last summer: I remembered that it’s denser than most cakes I make, holds together really well and is chalk-full of vanilla flavour (beans and extract).  I whipped up 2 x 6-inch square cakes and moistened them with some simple syrup.  DONE.

I have to admit – – I super, duper heart my marble cake recipe.  It comes out moist every single time I bake it (and I’ve been baking it non-stop since that engagement cake last March).  It holds well too; an important trait when you’re piling buttercream, fondant and another tier (or two) on top.  I decided to opt for the marble to be the middle tier – – 2 x 10-inch squares… simple.  Again, I took the cakes out of the oven and moistened with simple syrup… not really necessary with this recipe, but better to moisten than not, me thinks.  DONE.

Now for the chocolate cake recipe.  Remember how I blogged about the moistess chocolate cake recipe ever?  Well… although I love that cake, I have my doubts about it holding up to the strain of being the base for the other tiers: so I’ve pretty much decided that it will not be used in the building of a wedding cake.  That’s ok… it allows me to experiment with other recipes… which I heart doing!

The plan was to find a densely chocolate, rich, moist cake that is strong enough to hold 4 layers of cake, buttercream and fondant… and tastes good.  I think I might have found it.  I pulled out The Confetti Cakes Cookbookand read the recipe for their chocolate cake… moist and delicious looking.  I was pretty much sold.  And they inform the reader that this is their most requested cake.  SOLD!  I grabbed the recipe and got all the ingredients together… I was ready to bake!

This recipe is amazing because it is full of unsweetened cocoa powder… in order to make 1 x 13 – inch square I used 2 cups of dark dutch cocoa… that’s pretty intense.  I also used full-fat sour cream (none of this low-fat stuff) – – which I think helped with the moistness of the cake.

Now for a confession…. I made my first 13-inch square and it turned out perfectly! I leveled it – cutting the uneven top off and storing those pieces in an airtight container (yep, my co-workers are given the pieces… FYI this cake lasted over a week and was still moist), I didn’t even need to moisten it (it’s ridiculously moist and bounced under my touch), but I wrapped it up and put it away. 

Time to make the second one.

This is where my over eagerness got me in trouble.  I made the batter, poured it into the cake pan, baked it, removed it from the oven, and allowed it to cool… just not long enough :0(  I went to turn it out of the pan and… it fell apart!!!!  My poor cake, in pieces, ruined (for the wedding purpose, still edible for the employee appreciation party)!!!!  Needless to say… I was disappointed and frustrated – – and took the night off before re-baking it.

In the end everything turned out on my end; time to hand it over to Emily… see the transformation



Emily did an amazing job with the icing, the fondant, and the assembling of the entire thing (and the pictures!).  Claps for you Em!  It’s AWESOME!!! 

I so heart this cake! 


two reasons to celebrate…

The baking duo were at it again!

Remember how Emily and I baked and decorated that engagement party cake? Well, one of my other colleagues saw the cake and asked me if we could make her a baby shower cake. Her son and his girlfriend are expecting twins… sex of the babies are unknown, but she was hosting a party on Sunday and needed a cake for 50 people.


We sat down and sorted out the details.

We decided on a square, two tiered, marble cake – extra chocolate in the batter (the parents to be are chocoholics).

a large square cake…two tiered!

I then sent her some ideas to view and she picked the peas in a pod… well two little peas in a pod (they are expecting twins after all). Em did an amazing job covering the cakes in the fondant, shaping the little peas and pods, making the teeny feet…

two sets of little feet…

I said there were two reasons to celebrate right? Well… I didn’t mean two because of the twins :0)

4 days before the shower cake was due, my colleague asked for a second cake. Her younger son and his girlfriend were both celebrating their graduation this past weekend also, and she wanted a cake for that occasion too!


graduation cake!

This one, a simple 3 layered lemon cake (a round), covered in thick butter cream. Emily was given carte blanche for decorating, and I think she did an amazing job with the fondant graduation caps and the blue and yellow piping… simple and classic. And all on short notice!

3 layered cake

the little fondant caps ;0)