Last night was slightly surreal … watching all that hard work come to fruition was so exciting … even if it was slightly embarrassing … it’s always slightly embarrassing when I watch myself on television.

But boy was it FUN!

I’m trying to think of what my favourite part was …

Was it learning how to knead cheese bread with Tanya? 

Or perhaps popping that piping hot perogie into my mouth after Sara fried up a batch of them? 

Or maybe it was Adam teaching me all about the “Goldilock Zone” while making pizza?

Did you watch? 

No!  You missed it?

That’s ok! 

Really it is! Cuz I have a solution for you!  RogersTV is showing repeats of recipes. on Wednesday (8 am & 4:30 pm) and Saturday (1 pm). 

Tune in for the repeat showings and see Tanya make cheese bread, Sara fry up some perogies, and Adam bake up pizza.  These pictures make me wish I was filming those segments again … especially the “eating” portion of the show ;0) 

(Wanna learn about kneading dough?  Check out Tanya tips here)

(Adam teaches me all about pizza dough … here)

I have a new little project on the go.

This is a sneak peak.

I promise more details soon.

I will tell you though …

I heart ALL of these people.  They make me happy.  And so does their food.

must. love. food.