wordless wednesday: celebrity chefs of canada: fun times

*I need to thank my partner in crime for the evening, Deb, for the exceptional photos you are about to see … as you can tell … I had one heck of a good time :0)

After all that fun … I can hardly wait for next year’s event … the only question that remains is …

Are YOU game?

clove chocolatiers

What would you think if I told you I spent Sunday afternoon taste-testing chocolate truffles?

Would you be just a tad envious?

What if I told you that all of those truffles can be yours.  It’s true.  Every single one of them can be yours (and I sampled close to 15 different types) … and it’s all thanks to this guy …

Justin Rogers.

I fell under Justin’s culinary charm when I tasted his fruits of passion / coconut macaroon indulging in a passion fruit 4 way .  The entire dish just blew my mind and my taste buds.  I was hooked pretty much from first bite.  After my blog post, Justin emailed me  … and … we became friends :0)

We’ve been meaning to get together for a chocolate truffle date for long time … but … well … my life totally got in the way of that.

So when Justin invited me over to his wonderland of truffles … I showed up and brought the lovely and talented Deb Ransom with me.  Justin had his own photographer on site too … the hilarious, wickedly talented Marc Brigden (MarcMyWorks photography) … and the four of us spent the afternoon snapping pictures, chatting away about the different flavours, giggling over some of my random flavour combinations and well … obviously … eating truffles.

Lots and lots of wonderful delicious truffles.

I’d like to claim that one is the VERY BEST TRUFFLE I’ve ever tasted … but well … I’d be lying.  Because they are all pretty awesome.  The flavour combos are insanely lovely … some subtle, others not so much … all rich and creamy … and so original.

My first favourite of the day was the sailor jerry’s & eggnog.  You can take the girl out of the whalesbone … but I guess you can’t take the whalesbone out of the girl :0)

My second new favourite was the bourbon pecan … or maybe it was the vanilla cognac … which Justin says reminds him of Switzerland … it looks like a beautiful snow ball … but it tastes oh so much better than snow ;0)

After a mini break I went back in and the amaretto toasted almond pretty much rocked my world … one bite … the toasted almond and the fudgy ganache filling … mother of pearl … an absolute delight to the senses.

Feel free to contact Justin if you’d like some of these truffles …  they make great Christmas treats for friends, loved ones , co-workers (your boss) … or for yourself.  Go ahead.  You deserve it.  They deserve it.  These truffles might just be one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  For Realz.

clove chocolatiers

Justin Rogers

t. 613.668.3420