farbs @ oz

I have a serious crush.  I seriously heart Farbs’ food. 

Last night was my monthly jaunt to Oz Kafeand it was incredible.  As soon as I looked at the menu I knew that I was going to be lovin’ this meal… a tuna duo, followed by an open faced pulled pork sandwich, which was then followed by a prosciutto wrapped chicken, only to be finished off with a banana split

 Holy Heck Batman!  How amazing does that sound?  My mouth was watering… and I had just arrived.

The brains behind the menu was Chef Michael Farber from Farbs Kitchen & Wine Bar – Anna, his sous-chef joined him in the kitchen – those two make some pretty ridiculously delicious food.  For reals.

After enjoying my first course (the tuna duo), I was allowed in the kitchen to take some pictures, chat a little; all while doing my best to stay out of the way.  Farbs and Anna work fast, and efficiently.  It’s a true thing of beauty.

Anna was responsible for the tuna duo and the banana split.  Farbs plated the open faced pulled pork sandwich (I got to observe him plating my actual dish… sweet!) and the prosciutto wrapped chicken.  Brilliant.  Everything looked gorgeous.  Everything smelt incredible.  And the food… Holy heck – it was pure amazingness!

I had so much fun sticking my camera lens in just about everything plated in the kitchen that I figured you’d all like to see what I ate :0) 

(thank you Farbs and Anna for putting up with me!)

I could rave about the freshness of the tuna tartar;  or tout the perfect balance of the pulled pork with the cabbage slaw (seriously ridiculous – my love of pork doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon). I could then gush about the chicken – wrapped and filled, a little parcel of goodness; and make you all envious just imagining that dessert: chocolate brownie, dolce de leche, banana ice cream… whipped cream.   

I could do that.  But I’m not going too.  I’m just going to show you my pictures… the chefs in action.  It’s awesome to see…

tuna duo / tuna tartar / yuzu & lavache / tuna tataki / soy reduction

Anna doing her thang :0)

open faced pulled pork sandwich / bourbon bbq sauce / beer battered onion rings / cabbage slaw

This sandwich is what I would like to call… happiness.  The onion rings were so good I stole one of Charlotte’s off her plate.  Yes.  I admit I am a picker of other people’s food.  I am not ashamed… I got an extra onion ring that way!

prosciutto wrapped chicken / brandy soaked wild mushrooms & leeks / pave

banana split / chocolate brownie / dolce de leche / banana ice cream

Such a satisfying meal.  Seriously delicious.

These pictures really don’t do this food justice.  So this is what I think.  I think you should go to the restaurant and try it yourself.  Seriously go.  Make a reservation and hit up Farbs Kitchen & Wine Bar – and treat yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise.

sweetgrass aboriginal bistro

I finally made it to Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro.  After my memorable experience sampling their food at Oz Kafe‘s industry night – I’ve  been anxious to actually dine at the restaurant.

I didn’t know what to expect – memories of the rabbit rillet from Oz Kafe filled my head… and so although I was certain that the food would live up to my expectations,  I was curious to actually dine in the restaurant itself.

Super cute!  The bistro is really laid back – warm and welcoming.  Perfect little spot to hang out, chill and enjoy a good meal among friends.

My first reason to heart this place – they serve popcorn.  Yep.  A bowl of popcorn – which I gobbled right up (put popcorn in front of me and I can’t resist).  Loved it!

I then decided to start with the Three Sister Soup – based on the three traditional staples: corn, carrots, beans.  It was a flavourful broth based soup: exactly the type of thing you want to eat on a cold, damp night (I also tasted the soup of the day, a broccoli leek potage – amazing).

I debated about ordering the Sweetgrass Cassoulet – Braised Lamb Flank, House made kielbasa, Duck Confit and Bacon, with Great northern beans and Spinach.  I know… it sounds so good… and it looked good (a guy at another table ordered it… I know this because I interrupted his meal to ask him what he was eating); but in the end, I wasn’t super hungry… I wanted to get something a little lighter.

And that’s how I ended up with the Elk Dumplings – Slow cooked elk stuffed dumplings, sautéed mushrooms and spring onions, mustard crème fraiche.  Ridiculously delicious. 

I don’t regret my decision.  Imagine cutting into a dumpling, dipping the elk meat in the mustard crème fraiche, piling some sautéed mushrooms on your fork and enjoying that bite.  Oh… so good.  So very very good.

It was then time for dessert.  It’s a nice dessert menu – lots of options; but only one really pulled at me. 

double chocolate brownie  chocolate brownie, covered in chocolate ganache, topped with hazelnut ice cream, white chocolate and dark chocolate sauce, sprig of mint.

All I can say is…. WOW.  It was decadent, delicious, intense, rich, wonderful… once I started eating, I really had to remind myself to stop.

one little piece left…

I’m eager to return and actually try the Sweetgrass Cassoulet… or maybe the Bistro Buffalo Burger…