kelp records winter warmer

Street. Food. Is. GREAT.

Especially when it’s paired with beer.

That’s how we do a food festival in Ottawa.  Street food and beer.  In a Polish Community Centre.


8 chefs all presented their version of street food.

I didn’t get to try all of it … I was on-site on behalf of Edgar (working with the HILARIOUS Michael) … but I was lucky enough to get to sample some of the fares.

Mother. Of. Pearl.

It started with the Whalesbone Oyster House Catering’s deep fried mac & cheese.

It was … SPECTACULAR.  I mean … it’s deep fried mac & cheese.  You kinda have to love it.  But you also love it because it was so cheesy and delicious … crunchy exterior and hot creamy interior.


Then I wandered over and sampled Ryan Janssens’ (of DISH) chorizo pogo with bacon jam.

It was hot and spicy.  And although it was deep fried – it wasn’t greasy.  It was that perfect pogo batter (you know the one I’m talking about … you can remember it from your youth)… and with the chorizo filling … it was THE BEST POGO OF MY LIFE. I honestly wanted to go back and get another.  And then another.


Edgar was paired with Beau’s – and so Marysol came up with a porchetta dish … creamy mashed potatoes, topped with aged cheddar.  Then we generously piled on the pork belly and ham, a veal gravy and a sprinkle of crispy celery root chips.

It was delicious.  Hot and creamy.  Salty and fatty.  It was everything comfort food should be … all in one mouthful.  I LOVED it.  And not just because it was from Edgar’s table … but because it tasted so darn good.

My pictures honestly don’t do the plate justice.

Oh … and it went really well with Beau’s bitter ;0)

I had a chance to wander a little (between plating our dish) … and so although I didn’t sample the Hintonburgh Public House dish, or anything offered by the Manx … I was able to snap some quick pictures.

Pressed and  Seed to Sausage were two another food stands I wanted to sample … but it just didn’t happen.  I actually didn’t even get a picture of either their brisket sandwich (Pressed) or their gourmet hot dogs (Seed to Sausage).  Boo to me … but everyone I asked about loved both.

My afternoon finished off with a sample of the Mill Street brew (delightful) and Murray Street’s Meat Cone.

I LOVE the meat cone.

What isn’t to love?  Pulled pork. Check. Cheese curds. Check. Sausage. Check. Mustard. Check.  All piled in a cone … I was able to grab my fork and dig right it.  A-MAZ-ING.  My only regret is that it has taken me this long to finally sample Steve Mitton’s version of the meat cone.

My favourite part of this event though wasn’t the food (although I totally loved everything I ate) … it was the fact that so many people turned out to eat, drink and be merry.

It certainly was a true winter warmer.


edgar’s birthday party

If you’ve read my blog over the last year – you would have followed some of my adventures in the Edgar kitchen … you’ll know that  I heart Marysol and Simon.  That Katie and I make a mean sandwich assembling machine (plus she’s awesome).  And that Lara, Anne-Marie, Phil, Zoé … and now Andréanne and Michael … all make my Saturday stint loads of fun. 

If you’ve come in on a Saturday … I’ve probably recommended the lemon beignets to you … since I think they are the cats meow. 

Or you’ve probably heard me talk up the soups … each one equally delicious … I’d love to say I don’t have a favourite – but the french onion pretty much rocks my world. 

And just because the warm weather is over … it doesn’t mean that I’m not already thinking about the homemade ice cream sandwiches… yum! 

No matter what Marysol has on the menu … I never leave Edgar disappointed.  Never ever.

I’m not the only one who thinks so either. 

Last Monday was a night of celebration.  Marysol threw a party and a whole bunch of us were excited to help her celebrate the wonderfulness that is Edgar … It’s full of charm, adorable people, and (most importantly) delicious, unpretentious, beautiful food. 

The evening was really all about people having a good time – eating great food (candied pork belly … heavenly amazing), laughing, talking, sharing … thanking Marysol and her team for all their hard work.

marinated olives & dates stuffed with a blue cheese creamshrimp and chorizofish cakes (spicy and light … I had many many many of these)veggie pogos with honey mustard saucepolenta topped with pulled pork (amazing), grilled haloumi with citrus, nachoscandied pork belly (my favourite of the evening)vanilla ice cream, banana fritters and … fried chicken skinyeah the fried chicken skin is where it’s at!

wordless wednesday: favourite things @ edgar

my favourite things of this past weekend…

Edgar’s juliet ice cream sandwich… still that same lemon-honey cookie (I made these!) and the most delicious apricot, rhubarb and strawberry ice cream.  Seriously… this combo is all kinds of goodness.  Tart and sweet … creamy and rich.  Oh my …

And then there was the iced tea.  Topped with fresh raspberries and a sprig of chocolate mint.  Yeah… it’s pretty sweet.