Red & White 2014


It’s that time of year again.

It’s time for one of my absolute FAVOURITE events.

The Red & White.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 is going to be an evening of great food, wonderful entertainment, some wine, locally brewed beer, and all for a good cause: Harmony House.

This year Chef Michael Blackie is back (two years ago he made this event one of my favourite food events of the year). Joined by Chef Norm Aitken (Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar), I’m already anticipating what dishes they are going to have on offer.  Seriously – these men can cook.

And guess what?!

I’ll also be on hand with CUPCAKES.

That’s right!  This year I’ve been asked to make some cupcakes in support of a great cause.

Doesn’t that sound like the icing on the (cup)cake?

Ok.  Now for the important stuff.

This is what I need from you.  I need YOU to go to eventbrite and buy a ticket.

They’re $65 each.  You get food, alcohol AND entertainment.  Not bad eh?

Then I need YOU to get a friend to join you.

I mean … although there will already be loads of awesome people attending … you might want to have a partner in crime while you watch the cooking demos, eat your food and then wander over and snag a cupcake or two… right?

Come join me next Wednesday evening as we help raise some money for Harmony House.  With your help, countless staff and volunteers will be able to provide safe, affordable, transitional housing for women and children who are survivors of violence.

red and white event

It’s that time of year …

We’ve all celebrated the holidays with our families and loved ones.

We’ve all indulged a little more than we would otherwise deem “acceptable” … plentiful plates of food, second servings, dessert with every meal … perhaps an extra cookie before bed.

Isn’t that what December is all about? Allowing ourselves to embrace our indulgences … knowing that it’s only for a limited time.

Then comes January.

We are full of resolutions. No baked treats. No extra special meals that stuff our tummies and create food memories. Nope. January is all about resolving ourselves to become our very best self.


Well … not to the “being the best that I can be” part. That’s a good thing to strive for. But restricting our diets? Limiting the pleasure we get out of our food? WHY do we do this to ourselves?

We shouldn’t.

And I have just the solution.

Come and join me at Harmony House’s Red and White Event. It was my favourite food event of 2012 … and I’m simply beyond excited at what this year will offer.

Not only do you get to eat great food; you can also sample some delicious local wines and beer, AND (here’s the really important part) you get to help support a super important cause.

Harmony House.

It’s a second-stage shelter for women and children fleeing violence and need a place to go. It provides them the support that they need while they get themselves back on their feet. It offers people hope in a safe environment. It’s there to help members of our community.

Doesn’t helping your community sound like a good resolution to make for 2013?

By buying a ticket and attending … you help a great cause. Plus you will eat delicious food, enjoy a drink or two … and get entertained by some pretty incredible Chefs while you’re at it.

Last year it was Chefs Michael Blackie and Lora Kirk. They knocked it out of the park. Not only was their food delicious (the best potato salad of my entire life) …but their engaging and enthusiastic food demonstrations had us all in the palms of their hands.


This year we’ll get to sample dishes from Caroline Ishii of Zen Kitchen (her dish at Clam Jam still makes my mouth water in delight). Katie Brown of Beckta (I haven’t eaten much of her food … but what I have sampled has made me very happy … pizza soup anyone???). Last, but not least, is Sarah Allen of UnionLocal613. Not only a talented chef, Sarah also coordinated nine female chefs (Chefs Ishii & Brown among them) for Clam Jam: End Violence Against Women Charity Dinner In Support of Harmony House.. Nine memorable dishes inspired by childhood memories. It’s only fitting that she participates in the Red & White Event.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of resolution you want to keep?

Wednesday, January 16th @ 7 pm at Ashbury College (362 Mariposa Ave.).

Tickets are available here. Put your money where your intentions and resolutions are …. it’ll make you feel sooooo good you won’t have to even *think* about restricting your diet this year!

*authors note: chef charlotte langley was supposed to participate as well (as per the poster included in this blog) … but due to unforeseeable circumstances she isn’t able to attend.*