carmichael’s absolutely fabulous food


carmichael's absolutely fabulous food

it started with a salmon taco … which quickly became a double order. then we moved on to shrimp dumplings and the spectacularly brilliant lobster pasta and justin roger’s opera cake. which meant we had to go back the following night and order more salmon tacos, tomato and mozza salad and the steak frites. it was amazing. AMAZING.

wordless wednesday … carmichael’s mellos pop up

*author’s note … this really isn’t a wordless entry.  but that’s because I have WAY too much to say about my amazing evening*

Last night I went on a first date … and a second date … all at once.My first date was with the wonderful, adorable, delightful, talented, lovely Kelly Brisson of the gouda life.  I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to finally sit down, get to know one another … and eat (obviously two foodies had to eat!).

As you can tell … it went well.  I’ve loved reading the gouda life,supporting Kelly in her food adventures … and drooling over her incredible pictures.  It was nice to finally sit down with her and just chat.  We’ve decided that we’re kindred spirits and can’t want to sit down and hang out some more.

First date.  Success!Second date … that was with Chef Matt Carmichael.  Actually … not with him … but with his food.

Oh his wonderful and glorious food (and the drinks aren’t bad either).

I was smitten after *our* first date at the urban element … and am completely head-over heels in love with carmichael’s food and pop up restaurant.


Everything was exactly perfect.

All of it was delicious.  ridiculously, delightfully, delicious.  The dishes were balanced – sweet and salty.  Fresh and fried.  Tender and crunchy.  Perfection … a million times over.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to be part of an awesome food experience to head over to Mello’s on Dalhousie and grab a seat inside … the pop up experience is scheduled for sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday nights.  And if you’re told there will be a wait … go take a little walk and come back. 

It’s totally worth the wait (and if you don’t believe me … ask the guy next to me who ate three of the cod fish tacos (Mr. Taco) … plus a steak frites with peppercorn sauce).