sambell @ oz kafe


Monday night’s Oz Kafe chef appreciation was absolutely, perfectly, delightfully … delicious.

And I have Simon Bell and Sam Long to thank.

They created a menu that was finger-licking, lip-smacking good.  It’s true.  There’s no other way to describe it … it wasn’t fancy; but it was exactly perfect: four courses of sheer perfection.

springrolls, deviled eggs & bbq'd quail

springrolls, deviled eggs & bbq’d quail

We started with a platter of Goi Cuon (springrolls), Trung Cay (deviled eggs) and Chim Cut Roti (bbq’d quail).  I loved it all: fresh springrolls accompanied with a good spoonful of hot sauce; smooth and rich deviled eggs; and the bbq’d quail coated in a sticky sweet hoisin glaze and topped with crunchy salty peanuts.first course

I admit … I could probably eat my way through a bucket of the bbq’d quail … and still crave more.  Just look at them!

bbq'd troutThe second course was a delicate Ca Nuong :bbq’d trout paired with a mayo, tamari ponzu, rice crispies, bahn mi pickles and aplhalpha sprouts.

Delightful.  The crispy skin and the moist meat of the trout, combined with the creamy mayo and crunch of the rice crispies; a pleasurable bite of food that lingers in your mouth.

Then I was served one of the greatest bowls of Pho I’ve ever eaten.pho

Beautiful cuts of raw beef, rice noodles, a few sprouts and herbs, a wedge of lime and a clear broth.  No MSG headache.  Nope.

adding the broth

adding the broth

I will never be able to eat another bowl of Pho and not compare it this one.  I think that Oz Kafe should make it and sell it by the enormous bowl full.  It was the absolute perfect bowl of food.  This is what comfort food is all about.  Simple.  Each bite as delightful as the last.  My only regret was not getting a second bowl of it.

ice cream sandwich The meal was finished with kem tuoi.  A deconstructed ice cream sandwich; pizzelle (Italian waffle cookies), green tea ice cream, and sweet red bean paste.  I liked to pile a little of the green tea ice cream and red bean paste onto the pizzelle: a mouthful of crunch, smooth, sweet, bitter.  A little bit of everything.

It was just right.  Same as the rest of my meal.  Just. Right.