wordless wednesday: urban element event

Yesterday I promised you pictures.

Since this is a wordless wednesday entry … I’ll let you just look at the pictures … I think you can gather how much fun I had just from the sheer number of pics…

Sigh … I wish I was eating all this food again.  As in … right this instant.

(in case you’re wondering … this is from the urban element mix & match event – in which Trish Larkin and Marc Lepine each served 4 courses  – oysters, caviar, tuna and cranberries

guest blogging @ the urban element

In order to read today’s blog … you kinda need to click here.

I spent last Monday night at the Urban Element (yes… I then went off to Oz Kafe – I ate a lot last Monday – as in 13 courses…) hanging out with Trish Larkin and Marc Lepine – two awesome individuals who make cooking look like a whole lot of fun while also making delicious food.  Seriously delicious.  Sigh.

Don’t worry … pictures will follow…