wordless wednesdays: apples + bacon = ???

What do you get when you combine apples and bacon? 

Obviously heavenly goodness… but I’d like you to think baked goods.

What do YOU think I made?

Stay tuned to find out.

I think this is about as wordless as I can get ;0)


5 thoughts on “wordless wednesdays: apples + bacon = ???

  1. I think I know what you made, but I wasn’t able to visit the “shop” to try a slice.

    Besides, I don’t think Chef Kate would have appreciated my coming into her shop wet and smelling of the various farms I toured on Monday. On the bright side, a particularly kindly cow from Dan O’Brien’s farm took a liking to me…

    • that would be very good… very very good… or as a pudding with a nice rich caramel sauce… I guess I have lots of baking to do ;0) fyi – Blackie is a RIOT

      • I’m glad you enjoyed Blackie, he’s quite the character! :)-
        He had some good stories to tell about the cupcakes.
        We still need to get together for lunch. I’m supposed to move offices sometime in October and will be closer to the market!

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