happy birthday paul

Today would be my brother Paul’s 35th birthday.

Um … how ADORABLE was he as a baby???

I have to admit that this year’s birthday is hitting me pretty hard.  Last year was the first birthday since his death; his best friend and manager, Henry, organized the greatest tribute concert.  Seriously … over 1000 people all together to celebrate my brother’s life and music.

We watched video clips … heard his voice … it felt like he was in the room joking around and laughing … it was a gift that I’ll never forget.

This year … I’m in Ottawa and having the worst day I’ve had in months.

So I decided to look through some old pictures … and remember the good times … and I’m gonna fry up some pancakes (Joy the Baker’s oatmeal cookie pancakes to be exact).

And I’ll just listen to his music and remind myself that he’s probably looking down at me right this moment and laughing hysterically at my reaction to a black squirrel getting into my apartment and running around as I screamed my head off.  True story … it just happened …

Happy birthday Paul.  I love you … always and forever.

your little sis.

9 thoughts on “happy birthday paul

  1. My brother died recently. He was only 33. At the risk of sounding presumptious, I think I know how you feel. I think of him everyday.

  2. Lynne,
    What a lovely thing to do ! Those pix really tugged at my heart. You need this day to feel the way you do – it just means that Paul is very much alive in your heart. …..as he is in mine and so many other. Love you a bunch. Louise

  3. Hi Lynne,
    What a lovely way to honor Paul’s memory – with such great family pics, and playing his music. I think of him whenever I hear a harmonica. He will always be part of your family. xxoo Dawn

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